Masha Mardi Jewellery is inspired by Maria’s travels to far-flung corners of the globe (and her love of Istanbul in particular), every piece carries meaning, and tells its own evolutionary story. The stunning result is a delicate montage of cultural spice, expressive design, and just a hint of Maria’s own Tatarian heritage.

Made using skillful artisanal techniques, each statement piece is a creation incorporating 18k gold and exquisite precious stones all set with an urban, edgy tone.

Strings of golden pearls reach out adoringly to meet with diamond encrusted pendants or shocks of dark aquamarine, while crescent shaped moons punctuated with jewels sit proud atop fingers and collar-bones alike. Diamond clustered earrings dangle freely in a teasing line coming to rest shyly in the nape of a neck.


An imaginative spirit from birth, Maria’s audacious and eclectic jewellery designs are a beautiful reflection of her nomadic experiences journeying across the globe. Inspired from a young age by interesting, strong and artistic souls, as well as by life itself.

Feeling a strong connection to Europe in particular, she never stays put in one place for long. Soaking up creative nourishment from the shifting sands beneath her feet she offers a sympathetic take on the changing cultures around her through her handcrafted, bespoke collections. Ideas are first depicted on paper before later being articulated into twisting, courageous designs that capture the very essence of luxury.

The traditional designs of Yemeni jewellery hold a special appeal to Maria, and a gentle nod to the Middle East can be observed in a number of her pieces. Take, for example, the Yemeni amulet necklace, which is encrusted with white and yellow diamonds and set in a string of golden pearls sourced from the Palawan sea. Obtained during her travels to the Philippines the stunning pearls provide a unique correlation between dreamer, maker, observer and wearer – a linear story from concept to craft, much like all of Maria’s jewellery.

A passion for travel is in her blood, as is a love for architecture, healthy cuisine and finding peace of mind. By channeling her inner desire to invent into her expressive and collaborative jewellery line, Maria successfully nurtures her life-long appreciation for diverse urbanity with youthful ease and discernment.